Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2009 Hallmark ornaments are selling out quickly

Wow! The 2009 Hallmark ornaments have been selling out quickly. The shelves are starting to get really bare at many Hallmark stores. I think many stores ordered less due to the economy. Hallmark produced less since it had smaller orders. 2009 is the year to BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. So far, the hardest to find around here are Jingle Bell Rock (the guitar), Mom-To-Be Angel, Seasons Treatings #1 (#2 in the series will feature cupcakes and is so TOTALLY cute!), Cousin Eddie's RV, Ghostbusters, and Baby's First Christmas Little Sweet Pea. Every day tho, the shelves get more and more bare at the Hallmark stores. Good luck finding all the ornaments you need for your collection.

You can still find many of the 2009 Hallmark ornaments at Christmas Past.