Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Season's Treatings #1 Repaint/VIP Ornament

If your favorite Hallmark store sends you a VIP invitation this year, it is worth going in and making the required purchase for the gift bag.  This year's bag includes a repaint of the 2009 Season's Treatings #1 Hallmark ornament.  Here's a picture for you:

The other contents of the VIP bag are quite nice this year too.  A coffee mug, journal, wine stopper, cards, and set of cookie cutters.  Of course the ornament will be the big draw for many. 

If you do receive a VIP bag this year, please be sure to thank the store owner or manager.  Many people think that Hallmark sends these bags to the stores for free.  That is not the case--the stores have to purchase the contents of these bags.

If you are still looking for the original 2009 Season's Treatings #1 ornament, you can still find it and many other retired Hallmark ornaments at Christmas Past.



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