Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2006 A Christmas Story Hallmark ornaments

Okay, I'm trying to get the hang of posting pictures so I thought I'd try posting the 2006 Hallmark ornaments for A Christmas Story.

That worked. Let's see if I can post more than one picture at a time.

Okay here's the last one.

Okay, I'm not getting something cause the code for the image link always shows up before my typing or at the top of the post rather than after my text where I want it. Then I have to cut and paste the code to the correct location.

Oh well, this is supposed to be about Hallmark ornaments, right. Well there you have the pictures of the 2006 Hallmark ornaments that were released in November to commemorate A Christmas Story. Around here, the Mr. Parker's Prize ornament (leg lamp) seems to be the most scarce. It is my least favorite of the three ornaments, go figure.


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